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What is IT security? IT security prevents unauthorized access to computers, networks and data. When you reach your bank account through an online portal, IT security ensures that you — and only you — can see and make changes to your checking account. The overarching goal of IT security is to uphold the confidentiality and integrity of this kind of sensitive information without inconveniencing the user.

Balance Between User Access and Data Protection

The primary challenge of IT security personnel is to balance the needs of users with the importance of protecting confidential data. Individuals — as well as organizations — have become incredibly reliant on the digital sphere in their daily operations. Technological advances mean that you can access personal emails on your phone in any location. The job of IT security professionals is to make sure that with your increased access comes increased security, and that you are still protected with each new breakthrough in technology.

Threats and Security

Viruses and cybercriminals are constantly trying to hack into your private network and sensitive accounts. Just as you need a lock on your front door, you need digital locks that prevent unwelcome visitors from accessing confidential data such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers or bank accounts. The IT security field integrates new technology that protects your computers and networks with consistency and vigilance. Imagine these security systems as complex and highly evolved locks: They easily allow authorized users in while blocking criminals and hackers.

A Changing Field

What is IT security in this rapidly evolving age? As technology continues to develop, the methods for securing data have become increasingly diverse and significant, and the need for IT security professionals is growing. According to Forbes, the IT security industry was worth $60 billion in 2013, with over 85 different product types on the market. Technology companies are pouring their time and money into securing data as society shifts information into digital form.

Increased Significance for Organizations and Individuals

IT security professionals protect individuals as well as large organizations, companies and governments. The relevance of this work to nearly every type of business offers a number of opportunities to make a positive impact in any workplace. Aspiring IT security professionals should consider coursework that would give them the tools and knowledge to enter this rapidly expanding field and to move forward in a digital age.

The threat posed by viruses is substantial.  Sudo Spartans protects your business from online attacks.  We make it our business to deploy the best anti-virus solutions and how best to keep your business safe from them.  We make your protection our concern so that it doesn’t have to be your worry.

Unfortunately these days there are unseen, unknown individuals who want to sneak malware onto your computer system in order to wreak havoc on your business.  Malware that finds itself on your computer system can cause reduced efficiency and system dysfunction – in short it can disrupt your business operations.  Sudo Spartans will keep a close watch on your system, checking for and removing any malware that may have been installed and protecting you from ongoing damage.

Whether merely annoying or downright dangerous, spam is a chronic problem that businesses must deal with.  Sudo Spartans understands this threat and can help you add another layer of security to your system to minimize spam.  Avoiding the unwanted distraction and irritation of spam not only strengthens your company’s security but can also increase its productivity

The internet is full of great tools that your business can use…and also lots of junk.  Sudo Spartans can partner with your company to limit the types or sources of online content that your employees have access to.  By blocking access to certain sites, you can not only protect your company from harmful malware but also increase productivity.  Our flexible filtering solutions can be adapted to fit your particular needs.

A network firewall is a first line of defense in keeping you safe from cyber attacks.  Sudo Spartans will install and manage your firewall so that you can be sure that your network is secure.  Our careful oversight protects you against even the latest threats.

Corporate data is vital to your business and probably irreplaceable.  You want to be sure that your data is safe and secure at all times.  Sudo Spartans helps you to find the best plan for data storage, taking into account your requirements as well as your budget.  Whether you are starting from scratch or you are looking to expand your existing storage system, Sudo Spartans will work with you to develop a plan that addresses the particular storage needs of your company.

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