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Secure Online Data Backup Service

Would your data survive a catastrophe? Are you SURE?

Stop and think for a minute about how important your data is to the life of your business. Client databases, accounting data, payroll records, email, and a variety of other company files all play a vital role to the successful operation of your business.

What would happen if all your critical data was lost or stolen? How would you market to your existing clients if you don’t know who they are? How would you get paid for all the money in your accounts receivable if you have no idea who owes what? Would your business be able to survive such a major data loss?

93% of companies that suffer from catastrophic data loss file for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. Of those companies, 50% file for bankruptcy immediately. Don’t let this happen to you!

The Problem with Tape Drives and Disks

Even if you are fanatical about physically backing up your data every day to a tape drive, CD, or flash drive, that doesn’t ensure the safety of your data.

Here are a few reasons why your current backups aren’t good enough:

  1. Backup media is prone to failure – Recovering data from tape drives, CDs, DVDs, etc. is sometimes impossible since the media tends to degrade over time. It is not unusual to find that the data on the backup media is corrupt or missing while attempting to restore it.
  2. Backup tapes and CDs typically stay on-site – In the event of a catastrophe such as a fire, flood, tornado, or even theft, there is a good chance that your backup data wouldn’t survive.
  3. Manual backups use up a great deal of time and effort and are often skipped or forgotten – Since backing up your data should be a daily task, taking time out of every day to perform this tedious task means lost productivity and frustration for you.
  4. All drives eventually fail – Disk and tape drive failure is not a matter of “If…” but “When…”….or maybe you’re not backing up at all!

One-third of all companies relying on tape media fail to test their backups. A shocking 77% of those that do test have found that their backups were failing.


Rid Yourself of the Backup Burden!

Secure Online Data Backup from Sudo Spartans is an efficient and reliable way to ensure the safety of your important business data. Your data is automatically and securely sent via the Internet to a secure off-site location for safekeeping, where it is ready and waiting to be retrieved should you suffer from any sort of data disaster.

Why You Need Our Secure Online Data Backup

  1. Completely Automatic – Set it and forget it. Literally. We take care of the rest.
  2. Data Stored Off-Site – Off-site backups are a key component to any successful disaster recovery plan and guard against fires, floods, hardware failure, theft, virus attacks and accidental data deletion. Online backups also alleviate the need to take tapes or CDs home with you or to a safety deposit box. It is absolutely essential to have a copy of your backup stored off-site.
  3. Backups are 100% Secure and Encrypted – All data is super-encrypted using 448-bit Blowfish encryption before it ever leaves your machine, and uses industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption during transport to the datacenter where it remains encrypted until you need it. This service is fully HIPAA compliant, which means even medical offices can safely backup confidential patient information.
  4. World-Class Data Centers – The data center is protected with 24/7/365 on-site monitoring and security, state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems, and seismic safeguards that can withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. The data center is even equipped with redundant power distribution units and diesel generators to ensure that your data is protected in the worst of circumstances.
  5. Not Just Storage Space – This is a completely managed data backup service. Not only do we come out to set everything up for you, but we also keep a continual eye on your nightly backups to ensure they are taking place properly. If there is ever a problem with your backups, we’ll be notified immediately so we can determine what went wrong and get it fixed for you.

Every Secure Online Data Backup Plan includes a FREE needs analysis to review your current setup. We then work with you to determine how much storage space you’ll need.

Features of the Secure Online Data Backup Service

  • Scheduled Automatic Backups – Set your backups to run overnight with no human intervention required.
  • Backs up Open and Locked Files – You don’t need to close files to back them up. All open and locked files are included in the backup process.
  • Backs up SQL, Exchange, and File Servers – These types of servers are fully supported.
  • 128-bit SSL Transport Encryption – During transport, your data is kept safe and secure!
  • 448-bit Blowfish Storage Encryption – Your data is super encrypted before it ever leaves your computer, and remains encrypted while stored at the data center.
  • Bandwidth Throttling – Use only a portion of your bandwidth if backups take place while others are online.
  • Backs up Servers, Desktops, and Laptops – Windows servers, like Windows 2003 and Windows 2000, can be backed up along with all Windows operating systems like Vista and XP. 64-bit Windows is supported.

* Must have a high-speed Internet connection for the Online Data Backup.


The Secure Online Data Backup service pricing is based on two things: the number of software licenses and the amount of storage (GB) your company needs. It is billed annually with the cost per month broken down as follows:

Software License $9.95 per computer, per month
Initial Storage (5 GB) $29.95 per month
Additional Storage (per 10 GB) $19.95 per month
One-time Setup Fee (First Year Only) $179


  • Software License – $9.95 per computer, per month
    Software Licenses are only necessary for computers that contain data to be included in the backup. For example, if all your data is located on a single server, you would only need one software license. Desktops require a software license of their own if they contain data to be included in the backup.
  • Initial Storage (5 GB) – $29.95 per month
    All storage is shared among licensed computers.
  • Additional Storage (per 10 GB) – $19.95 per month
    Need more storage? Add storage in increments of 10 GB. All storage is shared among licensed computers.
  • One-Time Setup Fee – $179
    We work with you to tailor the automatic backups to meet your needs. This fee is applicable for the first year only.

As you can see, this service is very reasonably priced and adds an incredible amount of value for the cost.

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