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When we speak of applications, we simply mean the things a computer or other tool can be used for. You are familiar with many applications, like word processing, email, Web browsing, and spreadsheet processing.

We can distinguish between network and stand-alone applications. For example, if you use Microsoft Word to write a letter and save it on your PC, both the program and the data are stored on your computer. Since your computer does not have to be connected to a network, this is an example of a stand-alone application.

applications in which either the program you are using or the data you are working with or both reside on a network (often, but not always, the Internet).

Network applications use a client-server architecture, where the client and server are two computers connected to the network. The server is programmed to provide some service to the client.

The client is typically a desktop, laptop or portable device like an Apple iPhone. The server can be any of these, but is typically a computer in a data center.

In most (though not all) network applications, the client computer runs a Web client program like Firefox or Internet Explorer, and the server runs a Web server program like Apache or Internet Information Server. Shared data would be stored on the server or a computer it could access.

Note that the user of a network application might be a computer, not a person. For example, a computer might query the server in a vending machine, checking to see if it was low on Doctor Pepper or Coke. Search engine companies like Google run client programs that constantly scan the Web, checking for new pages which can be indexed.

The internet is a valuable tool for your business and yet using it can expose your business to security threats. Sudo Spartans, uses network firewall technology to protect you so you can maximize the use of the internet in your business while maintaining the network security that your business desires.

When your business faces the need to migrate to a new server, expand your existing server system, or consolidate two or more business servers, you want it done right.  These transitions are not the kind of tasks that you want just anyone doing – you want someone who knows what they are doing. Sudo Spartans has the experience and expertise to handle these modifications for you.  We can provide the knowledge and careful oversight to ensure a smooth transition.

Today wireless connectivity is a necessity.  Much of a business’s communication is done through wireless so it is imperative that your wireless network is secure, stable, and functioning at all times. Sudo Spartans can help your business set up safe and reliable wireless network solutions which will be available when you need them. We will get your network connected and keep it connected so that you can safely and effectively run your business.

For any business to run effectively, your network hardware must be connected and operating properly – this is not something you want to spend time worrying about. Sudo Spartans can oversee your routers and switches, recommending and installing as needed, and ensure that they are functioning optimally so you can concentrate on running your business.

If you looking to set up a virtual private network or you just need someone to manage the one you have, Sudo Spartans can provide the assistance you need.  We have experts with diverse skill sets ranging up through senior-level engineers who can address all your business IT needs

Sudo Spartans can help you optimize your internet connection with bandwidth management.  We will monitor, filter, balance, and restrict internet traffic as needed, allowing you to maximize efficiency and productivity for your employees and your business.

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